Women In Science

Women have always played an important part in humanity’s scientific development. In this category, we are celebrating the wonderful women in science, medicine, and space that shaped the world as we know it.

These 10+ Famous Tech Ladies Changed the World as You Know It

No matter how hard it is for some to believe, women and computers have had a long and strong relationship, especially since some special ladies actually invented and developed what we now call computer sciences. So it’s time to celebrate fifteen tech ladies without whom you would not use your laptop or smartphone to browse the Internet right now!

3 Awesome Women of NASA Who Never Went to Space

Trailblazers like these amazing women of NASA helped to make the future possible, through sculpting the world around them – even if they never went to space. What will you do to mold the ground you stand on, paving the way for the future?

9 Famous Female Doctors That Changed the World

These famous women doctors defied the social and racial prejudices that discouraged certain people from practicing science and went on to improve millions of lives through their research and discoveries.

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