Top 10 Arduino Starter Kit Choices in 2020| Reviews and Recommendations

May 5th, 2020

by Barbara Hogg

Those who fancy themselves as the next Tony Stark or have an outlandish project planned will want to check out the following Arduino starter kit options. 


Arduino is an open-source platform for electronics and programming, developed to allow rapid prototyping of tech gadgets and gizmos in a simple and effective way. If you want the best Arduino starter kit for you or your kid, we have gathered a list of the ten best Arduino starter kit options for you to browse. We encourage you to read the reviews and the short buying guide at the end of this article to find the best Arduino kit that suits your needs.

We have also created a short FAQ section at the end of the page to help you understand better what Arduino is all about and why Arduino starter kits may be some of the best science gifts for kids with a penchant for IT and programming.

Product Name Best For Recommended Age Compatibility Latest Price
A&R Nano Uno Mega Monster Starter Arduino Kit Components 6+ 100% Arduino compatible Check Latest Price
English Official Arduino Starter Kit Beginners 10+ 100% Arduino compatible Check Latest Price
Coding Array STAUS01-EN Arduino Kit Teaching Arduino 6+ Arduino Uno R3 Check Latest Price
ELEGOO UNO R3 Project Starter Arduino Kit Arduino Practice 3+ Arduino IDE Check Latest Price
Vilros Arduino Uno 3 Ultimate Starter Kit Value for Money 10+ 100% Arduino compatible Check Latest Price

1 A&R Nano Uno Mega Monster Starter Arduino Kit

The A&R Nano Uno Mega Monster Starter Arduino Kit contains everything required for you to explore the capabilities of Arduino hardware and software: most commonly used modules and sensors, connectors, etc. It also comes with multiple add-ons, such as speakers and motors, just to name a few. This kit includes parts to help with any project. Let’s see some of its best tech specs and features:

  • 65+ pieces;
  • 4 main boards: 100% Arduino-compatible Uno R3, Mega 2560, Nano V3 and ESP32 2.4 GHz WiFi+Bluetooth Development Board;
  • Works with Raspberry Pi systems;
  • Allows you to build wireless IoT projects with ESP32 Development Board, the HC-05 Bluetooth Module, the ESP8266 Wi-Fi Module, the two NRF24L01 Wireless Transceivers and the W5100 Ethernet Shield;
  • Technical/customer support from USA with lifetime replacement guarantee on all parts.
BEST FOR High number of components
Age 6+
Best Uses Beginner to intermediate users, students, hobbyists, prototyping
Compatibility 100% Arduino compatible
Associated Science Fields Engineering, Computer Sciences, Design, Robotics, Automation
Special Features
  • Contains all of the most common Arduino modules and sensors (65+ parts)
  • Wi-Fi and wireless transceivers,
  • Bluetooth module
  • Ethernet shield
  • Large compartmented storage box
  • Online resources
Warranty Free replacement guarantee on all parts

Why choose the A&R Nano Uno Mega Monster Starter Arduino Kit? ​

This is a serious Arduino kit with plenty of components to help you bring almost any project to life. In fact, it comes with the highest number of components of any other Arduino starter kit on this list.

  • It includes an ESP32 Wi-Fi & Bluetooth board and allows access to the AR Dropbox cloud. You will find there a wealth of online information and PDF tutorials.
  • The large kit contains a massive collection of parts that range from multiple sized Arduino board types (the Uno, nano and mega boards), digital readouts, add-ons, accessories and the most frequently used sensors and modules.

The compartmented toolbox that contains this beast will ensure that parts don’t get lost or mixed up mid-project.

Best Arduino starter kit for number & quality of components
Online guides and support
Allows for more complex projects for beginners and advanced users alike
Excellent science gift for kids and teens
More expensive than some other kits


The A & R Nano Uno Mega Monster Starter Arduino Kit truly lives up to its name. The kit is for those who wish to get into or take electronics and programming to the next level. With advanced components allowing for wireless transmissions, IR remote kit, and combustible gas sensors to name a few, this is the best Arduino starter kit for the passionate and dedicated crowd. The sheer variety of elements is perfect for any budding Tony Stark to build their newest gadget.

2 English Official Arduino Starter Kit 

The English official Arduino starter kit has been made for anyone wanting to build cool tech projects, regardless of experience and skill level. It is one of the best Arduino starter kits on the market, containing everything you need to begin. The kit comes with a 170-page instructional book including a plethora of information and simple guides to 15 different projects.

The projects are a perfect way to learn the basics of making and programming circuitry, but the variety of parts mean that they are ideal for building projects of your design as well. So let’s see the highlights of this Arduino board:

  • This Arduino starter kit contains over 100 components, among which we can count an Arduino UNO Rev 3 microcontroller, one breadboard, 5 transistors, 5 x 100nF capacitors, 3 x 100uF capacitors, 5 x 100pF capacitors, 1 x Small DC motor (6/9V), 1 x Small servo motor, and more;
  • The kit also features an adapter to hook up a 9v battery;
  • According to reviewers, this is the greatest way to understand electronics for kids and adults alike. You can easily understand why this Arduino board and starter kit makes one of the best science gifts for kids
BEST FOR Beginners
Age 10+ / Any age (with supervision)
Best Uses Introducing someone to the world of electronics and programming, schools, students, etc. inches
Compatibility Fully compatible witMacac OS X, Windows, Linux, and portable IDE
Associated Science Fields Electrical engineering and programming
Special Features
  • An instructional booklet with 15 step-by-step projects
  • Useful components such as LEDs, pushbuttons and motors
  • Official Arduino starter breadboard
  • Light-up hourglass that can stop you from working too much
Warranty 1 year outside EU, 2 years inside EU

Why Choose The English Official Arduino Starter Kit?

This English Official Arduino Kit is a perfect addition to any tinkerer’s toolkit, with something for everyone from children to an electronics student.

The kit itself comes with the components required for the included 15 easy-to-follow project guides. It allows you to make everything from a Love-o-Matic machine to a digital hourglass.

  • It also contains more specialized parts, such as a piezo capsule (to detect pressure, strain, force, etc.), photoresistors, and alphanumeric LCD.

The range of components also makes it perfect for hobbyists or students who want to get started creating their own inventions and masterpieces. The breadboard included in the set doesn’t require soldering, making it easy to use or take apart with very little fuss or mess.

Step-by step instructions for 15 different projects
Wide variety of components
Excellent price
Enthusiast users' reviews
Does not come with a storage solution


The English Official Arduino kit is an excellent choice for anyone. Perfect for seasoned electrical engineers and passionate kids alike, it is a great way to spark anyone’s passion for the world of science and technology. You get to build and program the projects, with a comprehensive booklet to help. Its price, reliability, and simplicity make it a solid choice for both experienced users and newcomers.

3 Coding Array STAUS01-EN Arduino Kit

The Coding Array STATUS01-EN Arduino Kit is a convenient kit to learn the basics of coding. It comes with modules pre-connected to onboard circuits, allowing you to focus on the programming side of Arduino projects. Let’s see some of the best features and specs of this Arduino starter kit:

  • On the manufacturer website, you will find the Coding Array Starter kit source code and a 140-page free PDF tutorial;
  • Contains microcontroller Atmega328 (Arduino UNO-Compatible);
  • The sensor and actuator modules are pre-connected into an in-board circuit;
  • One integrated board consists of 18 modules.
BEST FOR Teaching/learning the basics of Arduino coding
Age 6+
Best Uses School projects, science fairs, teaching, etc.
Compatibility Compatible with Coding Array Uno (Arduino Uno R3)
Associated Science Fields Computer programming, Coding
Special features
  • 18 pre-connected modules
  • Acrylic base
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi module
Warranty Upon manufacturer request

Why Choose the Coding Array STAUS01-EN Arduino Kit ?

This Arduino kit is for anyone who wants to learn about programming and coding, without having to also learn about building circuit boards.

The kit consists of 18 pre-built modules attached to the board, analogue wiring, flame and temperature sensors, servo motor, and LCD display.

The preassembled components make it the best Arduino board for a classroom or science center. The tough acrylic casing allows for safer use and keeps the components secure and protected in a busy science class.

Tough acrylic base adds durability
Pre-assembled board with multiple circuits
Coding Array instruction manual and free online PDF tutorials
You cannot customize the board for other projects


The Coding Array Staus01-En Arduino Kit is perfect for teaching the basics of Arduino coding. The pre-built board allows for quick set-up for lessons. The modules range from coding a simple red LED, to making an ultrasonic distance module. It makes it an ideal choice for teaching a class in electronics. The only thing that you need to do to is set up and plug in the connectors for the lesson and go.

4ELEGOO UNO R3 Project Starter Arduino Kit

The Elegoo Uno R3 Project Most Complete Starter Arduino Kit is a comprehensive Arduino starter set. It comes complete with in-depth lesson plans and whole heap of components, all in a hard-wearing plastic case. Here are some of the best specs and features of this amazing Arduino starter kit!

  • Over 200 components and about 63 different types of electronic components;
  • The free PDF tutorial contains over 30 lessons;
  • The CD you will find in the package contains all the code you need to use the modules;
  • All modules are soldered for easy use;
  • In the package you will also find the ELEGOO R3 controller board and USB cable, 100% compatible with Arduino IDE Official R3 kit.
BEST FOR Gaining well rounded knowledge working with Arduino projects
Age 3+
Best Uses Learning electronics and programming
Compatibility Compatible with Arduino IDE
Associated Science Fields Electronics
Special Features
  • Power adaptor
  • Power pack requiring 3 CR2 batteries (included)
  • Pre soldered modules
  • Large selection of parts (60+)
  • Small components box included
  • 33 PDF tutorials
Warranty 6 months on parts and labor

Why Choose the Elegoo Uno R3 Project Starter Arduino Kit?

This kit is a hassle-free way to gain a comprehensive knowledge of programming and electronics. It comes with a handy CD packed with lessons teaching everything you need to know to use the device.

  • The CD also includes all the coding required for the projects. The modules are pre-soldered, making it quick and easy to set up.

The kit comes with LEDs, motors, and a joystick module. With over 30 lessons on how to use them, anyone can go from n00b to Arduino grandmaster in no time.

Includes CD with project lessons and the required coding
Modules come pre-soldered
Good value for components, 63 types with 200+ pieces
Best Arduino starter kit for teaching & practicing
Does not have integrated Wi-Fi included


This kit is an affordable way to not only pick up a great deal of components, but also a complete tutorial on all aspects of electrical engineering and programming. Those who are looking to do a tech project would not be disappointed with this Arduino starter kit. If knowledge is power, then this kit is a serious investment for any techie.

5 Vilros Arduino Uno 3 Ultimate Starter Kit

This is an amazing kit for those who are looking for the best value for money. The individual components are valued at almost double what the kit costs, so if you are in the market for a bargain, this is the one to check out. Not only is it a great deal, but this Arduino set also comes with a wealth of information and projects to get you up and running. So let’s see what this Arduino starter kit is all about and which of its best features might interest you the most:

  • In the package you will find the genuine Arduino Uno Rev3 Board;
  • You will enjoy a total of over 190 electronic parts and components;
  • The 72 page full color instruction manual will help you or your kid accomplish amazing projects.
BEST FOR Value for Money
Age 10+
Best Uses LCD projects, prop building, art
Compatibility 100% Arduino compatible
Associated Science Fields Coding
Special Features
  • 190+ components, including over 20 LEDs, small servo and a mountain of resistors
  • Includes soldered pin header
  • 70+ page instruction manual with included projects
  • LCD screen
Warranty Upon manufacturer request

Why choose the Vilros Arduino Uno 3 Ultimate Starter Kit?

This kit is excellent for those who have a project in mind that has various LED or LCD elements. The set contains 12 projects that cover how to work with LEDs, buttons, and motors to name a few. While these projects do ramp up in difficulty, the booklet comes with instructions, diagrams, and coding to help with any problems you should encounter.

Includes 72-page instructions manual
EBest Arduino starter kit for value
Good starting point for those planning an Arduino project
Excellent price
Limited in projects due to components included, however you can add more easily


The Vilros Arduino Uno 3 ultimate starter kit has been made for those who want to learn the fundamentals of working with Arduinos. The kit does not allow for some of the flashier projects that some other kits might cover.

However, the projects are there to teach the basics of how to work with the components themselves, allowing you to apply your new knowledge to whatever you have in mind.

A simple but solid kit for anyone who wants to focus on how the individual parts actually work. As value for money goes, you will hardly find something better.

6 SunFounder Mega 2560 R3 Project Super Starter Arduino Kit

SunFounder Mega 2560 R3 Project Super Starter Arduino Kit is perfect for those wanting to start with the basics and work their way to more complex inventions. This kit contains everything you need to get started and comes with project tutorials to teach you new things along the way. 

We listed it here as the best Arduino starter kit in the upgraded beginner Arduino kits department, and you will see why immediately:

  • In the package, you will find more than 200 components for adults, students and beginners;
  • You will enjoy a Mega2560 controller board and USB cable, 100% compatible with the Arduino Mega 2560 R3 Mega328 Nano for the Arduino kit;
  • This is an upgraded starter kit for Arduino Mega, with 25 provided projects, a PDF tutorial on the included CD, and all the resources you need to start coding right now.
BEST FOR Upgraded Beginners’ Arduino Kits
Age Teens
Best Uses Learning the fundamentals of robotics
Compatibility Fully Arduino compatible
Associated Science Fields Coding and Electronics
Special Features
  • Over 200 components
  • 25 project tutorials
  • Instructional CD
  • Online professional support
Warranty Upon manufacturer request

Why Choose the SunFounder Mega 2560 R3 Project Super Starter Kit?

The Sunfounder Mega 2560 R3 Super Starter Kit is perfect to get into Arduino projects without having to sink a lot of cash into it.

  • The kit is very reasonably priced and comes with a mountain of parts to use for any project.
  • You can use the components again and again, from the 20+ LEDs to the PS2 joystick module.
  • Comes complete with Mega kit CD, containing libraries, data sheets, coding and a colossal 215-page pdf tutorial.

The kit contains over 20 tutorials in order to get a very hands-on way to learn the ins and outs of the parts and their capabilities. It also comes with excellent online support should you encounter any difficulties.

Over 2 dozen varied lessons make for wider and more creative way to learn computer sciences
Contains over 200 components
Great packaging
Excellent price
Does not contain external adaptor


The company has designed this kit to allow anyone to get a good footing into the world of Arduino, with a whopping 200+ components included in the plastic storage box. This set has been aimed at someone just starting out and gives them a large selection of parts to get started with and that will last for many projects to come.

7 ELEGOO Mega 2560 R3 Project Starter Arduino Kit

The Elegoo Mega R3 Project Starter Arduino Kit is the most basic kit on this list. However, do not be fooled by simplicity, this kit has been specifically developed to welcome anyone to the world of Arduino, regardless of skill or experience.

The kit has been made for those who wish to learn the very basics of coding, programming, engineering, etc. It contains everything you need to create the projects included in the pack:

  • On the included CD, you will find a free PDF tutorial together with project introduction and code;
  • The kit includes the MEGA2560 R3 development board + USB Cable and all the basic components;
  • Over 150 components, parts, and pieces for the most versatile of projects;
  • You can program this kit with the help of the Arduino software IDE.
BEST FOR Basic Arduino Learning
Age 12+
Best Uses Learning the basics of LED effects using Arduino boards
Compatibility 100% Arduino compatible
Associated Science Fields Programming, Coding
Special Features
  • Introduction CD includes PDF tutorials and code
  • Range of basic components
  • Cutting edge MEGA2560 R3 board included
Warranty Upon manufacturer request

Why Choose the Elegoo Mega 2560 R3 Project Starter Arduino Kit?

This no-frills kit has been developed to be an unintimidating way to introduce someone to Arduino projects. The kit comes complete with required coding for projects, allowing for someone to use that if they are still learning how to code the board themselves. The small price and the quality of the product recommend it for learning kids, teens, and adults alike.

Simple, concise kit with all basic parts required and the up to date MEGA2560 R3 development board
Includes plastic storage case
High component count for its price (150+ individual components)
Excellent price
Not as varied as some of the other kits


Consider this kit a gentle way to ease someone into the engineering and coding side of the tech world. The contents are simple and basic. Nevertheless, these basic parts form the backbone of most projects, as even a complex robot would still use most of these components. It makes an excellent investment for science class and tech lab at school or for science fairs.

8 REXQualis Arduino UNO R3 Starter Kit 28

The REXQualis Arduino UNO R3 starter kit is an ideal kit for an afterschool club, tech/science class, or even those who simply wish to learn some new electronics skills. You get plenty of amazing tech specs and features for its more than affordable price:

  • The kit comes with a 9V 1A Power Adapter to replace the usual 9V battery;
  • The LCD 1602 module comes with a pin header so you do not have to solder anything by yourself;
  • This Arduino starter kit contains – among others – a high-quality UNO R3 controller board and sensors, and an ULN2003 driver board;
  • On the included tutorial CD you will find project introduction, libraries, source code and videos;
  • Everything comes nicely packed and labeled.
BEST FOR Teach or learn programming
Item Weight 11.2 ounces
Age Teens
Best Uses School, clubs
Compatibility 100% compatible with Arduino IDE
Associated Science Fields Robotics
Special Features
  • 9v 1a power adapter
  • Uno r3 control board
  • Numerous motors,
  • Sensors and other useful modules
  • Neat packaging
Warranty Upon manufacturer request

Why choose the REXQualis Arduino Uno r3 Starter Kit?

If you want an Arduino kit that is easy to use in a teaching environment, then look no further! This value kit comes with a detailed tutorial CD, complete with project guides, coding, and exceptional online support. 

The diversity of parts includes servo and stepper motors, fan blades, multiple LEDs in a variety of colors, membrane switch, and tilt switches.

Best Arduino starter kit for class teaching
CD with tutorials, guides, introductions and everything you might need
Components are individually packaged and clearly labelled
Does not contain Wi-Fi or Bluetooth


This kit is a one-stop-shop for the basics of Arduino projects and does not require a great financial plunge. The variety of parts makes it an ideal kit to learn a variety of skills and techniques. The included CD has tutorials for over 20 projects to get to grips with the parts you have and their potential uses in future projects.

9 Smraza Super Starter Arduino UNO Kit 22

The Smraza Super Starter Arduino Uno Kit is the best Arduino starter kit for anyone who wants to dip a toe into Arduino projects and coding. It is a great choice for beginner adults to start on their Arduino projects as well. Here are, in short, some of its best features:

  • Easy set-up breadboard holder;
  • You will also enjoy the PDF instruction manual, software, libraries and sample code for professional engineers or students to learn DIY Arduino projects;
  • You can combine all the components into 16 different lessons and projects.
BEST FOR Teens and Adults
Age 14+
Best Uses Getting a solid footing for further Arduino learning
Compatibility 100% compatible with Arduino Uno R3, mega 2560 R3 and NANO
Associated Science Fields Computer programming
Special Features
  • Pre-soldered modules
  • 28 lessons
  • 40+ varied parts
  • LED displays
  • IR receiver
  • Joystick module
  • Water level detector
Warranty Upon manufacturer request

Why Choose the Smraza Super Starter Arduino Uno Kit?

The kit has a vast range of projects, from making an LED blink to a temperature and humidity monitor. Each project teaches new skills while building on the ones you have developed already. This Arduino starter kit comes with a collection of useful components, such as a joystick module, over 20 LEDs, stepper motor, and water level detector.

No soldering required
Robust starter kit you can upgrade with additional parts
Versatile and affordable
Almost 30 simple project PDF guides included
Guide can be confusing at times due to translation


This Arduino kit is a great seed to grow an Arduino hobby or passion. You can use the suggested projects to learn the basics before you branch out on your own.

The kit itself comes with many project tutorials to cover all aspects of working with Arduinos. It includes monitoring temperature, humidity, and learning how to program a joystick module.

You can easily develop the kit, as it allows you to create more advanced projects with the simple addition of some extra parts, opening the doors for more complex inventions.


10 Kuman for Arduino UNO R3 Project Super Starter Kit

The Kuman for Arduino Uno R3 project super starter kit is perfect for those who wish to dabble into the world of robotics. The last entry on our list of best Arduino starter kits, the Kuman is an excellent choice for tech-savvy kids and teens. So let’s see what you get should you choose to buy this Arduino starter kit:

  • The Kuman Uno R3 motherboard mini starter kit allows you to complete a great number of projects;
  • The robotics kit allows you to build amazing projects and have complete mechanical control over objects;
  • This kit is 100% compatible with the Arduino Uno R3 Mega 2560 Nano Arduino kit;
  • The free PDF includes instructions, projects lessons, and code.
BEST FOR Tech-Savvy Kids and Teens
Age 10+
Best Uses Fundamentals of robotics
Compatibility 100% Arduino Uno r3, mega 2560 and NANO compatible
Associated Science Fields Robotics, electronics
Special Features
  • Solderless breadboard makes it ideal for kids
  • 30+ parts including ball switches, buzzers, and buttons
  • Code included with a PDF tutorial
Warranty Upon manufacturer request

Why choose the Kuman for Arduino UNO R3 Project Super Starter Kit?

This is the kit for those who wish to learn the basics of building robots, and then some! It comes complete with parts to allow movement, but also to detect the world around your latest invention. The kit also features an infrared sensor, flame sensor, and temperature sensor. It means that there will be a few things that your project can’t “see.”

Multiple motherboards, including solderless breadboard
Variety of robotics parts
Handy storage case
Smaller variety of parts compared to some other kits


This kit is a great way to learn the basics of robots, whether that be for a kid’s upcoming science fair, or a prototype robot-butler for a home fun. The kit teaches the fundamental knowledge and techniques to allow a child or a teen’s imagination to become reality.

p: and sHow to Pick the Best Arduino Starter Kit: A Short Guide

No need to feel overwhelmed by it – Arduino will guide you through learning the basics and sometimes the more advanced steps. If you’re still a bit confused, then let’s quickly dive into a few things about Arduino in general and Arduino starter kits in particular!

What is Arduino?

Arduino was initially designed for Electronics students, but due to the simplicity and seemingly endless project potential, it has grown into a full community of users. According to the Arduino official website,

Arduino is an open-source electronics platform based on easy-to-use hardware and software. Arduino boards are able to read inputs – light on a sensor, a finger on a button, or a Twitter message – and turn it into an output – activating a motor, turning on an LED, publishing something online. You can tell your board what to do by sending a set of instructions to the microcontroller on the board. To do so you use the Arduino programming language (based on Wiring), and the Arduino Software (IDE), based on Processing.

What can you make with an Arduino starter kit?

The board itself can be connected and programmed to do almost anything you can imagine, with artists and prop builders even using the boards to do moving sculptures and electronic musical instruments. In theory, the sky is the limit with Arduino – and if you do come across a ceiling, then it should serve as inspiration to break it!

If you remember, we discussed Arduino boards when we presented you with the best science gifts for kids this year.

From HDMI wireless transmitters and receivers, development boards and displays, RC planes and construction models to RC drones and robots, Arduino allows you to turn your tech dreams into reality. It’s a very versatile tool to achieve a lot of things that otherwise would require a far more involved approach than otherwise.

If you’re the creative (and sciencey!) sort, then Arduino is undoubtedly a superb choice for you. Go wild!

What is the best Arduino starter kit?

As you have seen from our top Arduino starter kit reviews and recommendations, we liked plenty of Arduino boards. However, our hearts go to the following Arduino starter kit options:

  • A&R Nano Uno Mega Monster Starter Arduino Kit – Best for components’ variety;
  • English Official Arduino Starter Kit – Best for kids, students, and beginners;
  • Vilros Arduino Uno 3 Ultimate Starter Kit – Best for price/value ratio.

This isn’t to say that our opinion is gospel and should be followed religiously. It primarily comes from our personal experience, though if you’re feeling adventurous, we encourage you to prove us wrong! Leave a comment with your opinion on the best Arduino start kit. We’d be happy to pick your brain.

How do Arduino boards work?

Arduino boards work based on 3 parts:

  • an input,
  • an output,
  • and the programming on the board itself.

This basically means that you can program the Arduino to send an alert to your phone when someone triggers the pressure sensor under your mug.

In this example, when the signal is sent from the sensor when someone lifts the mug (the input), this signal is interpreted by the Arduino via an onboard microcontroller and sends the programmed response, in this case, an alert to your phone (the output).

We can’t help but wonder: if Home Alone was first released today, would we see Arduino boards being used to spring traps? Please don’t try that at home: we’re almost certain it’s illegal.

What do Arduino boards do?

Arduino boards are able to inter-operate virtually any input signal and respond with a pre-programmed output signal.

The open-source hardware and software allow the boards to work with a wide variety of devices, such as lighting, buttons, TVs, the internet and motors in a variety of ways.

How to use Arduino boards?

Arduino software is used to program what the board will do when input is given (e.g. a button is pressed, a text has been received). It can take the form of almost anything. The software has been designed with simplicity for the user in mind, based on the open-source programming language Wiring.

What can you do with Arduino kits?

The versatility and simple design of the software and hardware and the wealth of online resources mean that you are really just limited by your imagination.

These traits make them ideal for anyone who wants to build a prototype invention, a prop with moving or lighting components, or simply wants to make a cool project.

Is Arduino Good for Kids?

Yes! If you want your child to grow up a genius, then an Arduino board might kickstart their development. It’s no secret that a child learning how to interact with such a complex (yet simple) device would learn far quicker than their peers. While it might be very hard for them to break into it, once they get past the core concepts and start getting comfortable with it, you’re probably going to have a STEM graduate on your hands.

What is the Microcontroller?

The microcontroller is the brain of the Arduino board. This tiny computer will handle all of the input signals and respond with the correct output. The microcontroller is programmed with the Arduino programming language and the Arduino software (IDE). The language is split into 3 main sections, function, values and structure.

Microcontrollers are useful for calculating data and for controlling the board itself. For example, how the input is detected (e.g. a digital input) and how it is processed (e.g. set the time delay for output).

The variables are the types of data and the constants that the board can use to perform computations, for example, bytes, true/false constants, chart conversions.

The structure is the actual Arduino code (C++ coding), carried out when an input is received. It allows you to customize how the output is sent and dictates the complexity of the output.


We hope we helped you pick the best Arduino starter kit for you or your tech-savvy child! If you have more questions about the Arduino board or you want to share some of your experiences with us regarding Arduino coding, feel free to comment below!

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