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Is Anyone Alive Out There? NASA Finds “Super-Earth” Not Far from Home

NASA’s TESS announced it found a Super-Earth planet orbiting a dwarf quiet star in the Hydra constellation. The twist? It may be habitable and it is close to home! By close we mean it is only 31 light-years away from us and by habitable we mean it may very well have the right conditions to support life. You know what they say: if the aliens don’t come to the mountain, the mountain goes to the aliens!

Gravity is the Major Cause of Head Bumps, New Study Shows

Gravity (and childhood) seem to be the major causes of non-fatal brain injuries in kids and teens, a new study shows and we have some mixed feelings about it. Well, parents, teachers, and authorities should supervise the situation and prevent injuries, that’s for sure.

Looking for a new addition to our team!

Looking for a new addition to our team!August 2nd, 2019 by Lidia BertesteanuWe're looking to expand our team of writers! Do you want to write about wacky science? Let's Get Sciencey is looking to add another member to the team. If you want to write about weird science...

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