Ever wondered why water dissolves salt, why the sky is blue or why opened drinks lose their fizz?

We’re here to provide you with answers!

On the bright side, we are very enthusiastic about science, and we are willing and open to learn new stuff together with you guys. From posting weird facts about humans and the animal kingdom, scouring the internet for intriguing statistics and performing wacky experiments in our home laboratory, we will try to do a little bit of everything.

Please do keep in mind that we are not rocket scientists, so as far as the home experiment side of our project is concerned, some of our endeavors will fail miserably. But failure is the stepping stone to success, we hope that our content will become a valuable source of information for people who like the idea of learning about science.

Lidia Bertesteanu

Main Editor


I’ve always had a knack for science, even as a little girl I experimented with whatever I could find in the fridge or pantry – vinegar, baking soda, oil, ink, you name it, I mixed it. However, even though biology, physics, and chemistry were my partners in crime, my deeply rooted hatred for math ultimately lead me to pursue an education, and later on a career in Humanities.

Apart from constantly filling up my house with science paraphernalia (science for dummies, of course, but who says it’s not as fun as the real deal?) and basically cosplaying real scientists at work with household ingredients, I can also be found working on a new, more intricate, cosplay (the geek has to be complete, doesn’t it), reading or rereading Gaiman, Poe, and Tolkien, attending book launches, book fests, book readings (you get the gist), or climbing mountains (and I have a pretty impressive rock collection to attest that).

How was letsgetsciencey.com born you ask? Well, as time went by and I started collecting science kits for kids – and gathering plenty of frustration for not always picking the best ones – I realized that my passion for science and my continuous love affair with writing are the perfect ingredients for my most ambitious experiment yet – a website dedicated for all those who want to unravel the mysteries of science.

Andreea Arhire



I fell in love with reading and writing when I was just a little girl. The Written Word was my first love, and I thought we would be together until the end of time. But life, as it happens, had some surprises down its sleeve. In high school, I met a young, dark, mysterious, and fascinating stranger that swept me off my feet: neuroscience. It was love at first sight. However, Literature did not want to let me go, so it settled for the “friend zone” status, becoming my best friend, sibling, and shoulder to lean on whenever things got cloudy.

Neuroscience, Literature, and I went to college together and took our diploma in cognitive neurosciences and integrated education. To spice things up, we also got an MBA in Educational Sciences and a clinical psychology degree. Needing a change and a life upgrade, Writing and I opened up a small business – a publishing house dedicated to authors versed in science fiction and fantasy literature.  Neuroscience and his co-workers help us select and publish the best manuscripts.

I feel blessed to have such a fantastic life partner and such an astonishing friend and business partner. I am proud to prove every day that arts and science found a common voice and playground – besides the SciFi publishing arena. Today, I use my knowledge and skills as an editor and scientist to promote science and make it fun, relatable, usable, and lovable for kids and adults alike.

Marco Giuliani



Even though I’m far from being (or ever becoming) a rocket scientist, there’s something about science that I’ve always felt drawn to. I started slowly, watching hours upon hours of Discovery documentaries about space. I still remember hearing all that science talk about the moons of Jupiter and Neptune’s mass, not understanding a single thing and still loving every second of it.

To the bafflement of my more savant friends, who spent their youths in laboratories, I’ve always been more partial to the ‘’weird’’ part of science, like what happens when you microwave stuff that shouldn’t be microwaved, and what happens when you combine different household items and chemicals. This is basically why this website exists – to celebrate the light part of science. And if the articles and experiments created after days of scouring the internet for information will convince one of our younger readers to pursue a career in actual science, even better.

Andrea Lloyd


Howdy! I’m a science communicator who specializes in public relations. Media effects and public relations became my home in the science world, where I work to explain and share about the world we live in. I’ve worked with raptors and astronauts, but am excited for what the future holds! 

One of my earliest memories is eagerly devouring books about outer space, and carefully jotting down sentences that I felt were important to share in an anthology of facts. I remember visiting the Texas State Aquarium and would admire each creature as I learned more about them. I could recite facts about dolphins and sharks to anyone who would listen. Things haven’t changed much. 

And while I might not be getting dirty in the chemistry lab or exploring the bottom of our ocean, someone has to head the news to the public to share science’s story. Without advocating for science, no one would know about the amazing discoveries scientists, engineers, and researchers make. Communicating science is just as important as doing science. 

Ariel Tokarz


I’m a student aerospace engineer and chemist with a love of science and a passion for space. I have always been drawn toward experimentation, whether it be distilling compounds in the chemistry lab or setting off model rockets in my back yard. My goal to work in space exploration has led me on a journey through the Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center, the satellite control rooms of Goddard Space Flight Center, and the labs at Langley Research Center.

When I’m not in class or doing homework, you can find me exploring the outdoors, writing novels, or with my nose buried in a book about space history or forensic toxicology. As I continue to reach for the stars, the best part of the adventure is sharing my knowledge with others, and inspiring future generations to discover the world we live in.

Melissa Cristina Márquez



I’m a Latina marine biologist and conservationist who studies Chondrichthyans (sharks, skates, rays, and chimaeras). I’m the founder of The Fins United Initiative, a program that teaches you about diverse sharks and the people who study them!

You may have seen me on Shark Week where I got bit by a crocodile or watched my TEDx talk on Youtube about sharks, female scientists, and why they’re more alike than you think.

Speak Spanish? You may have heard me on my Spanish podcast, ConCiencia Azul, where I promote more inclusion and diversity in marine science around the world.

Barbara Hogg


I am a Zoologist from Scotland, with an a passion for science outreach and education.

I grew up in a small industrial town outside of Glasgow. As a kid with a passion for animals and nature there wasn’t many things I could do that allowed me to explore this. I turned to books to learn everything that I could. I loved to read encyclopaedias because this allowed me to learn about so many different things at once. To this day my favourite book I have ever had was my DK Encyclopaedia, which I sadly lost when I was a teenager, but I will never forget the endless hours of reading that I did with that book.

I never really understood why so many people read about fictional characters or fantasy worlds when the real world was out there to be discovered. I was fascinated by natural history, what life was like million years ago and how it has changed to what we see today. I never considered this as science when I was young – I thought science was boring maths and equations done by people in white coats.

I decided to study biology in my late teens, this is when I really began to appreciate how amazing biology was. I was captivated with everything about it. It became such a big part of my life and I loved every second studying it. I got my degree in zoology at the University of Glasgow and decided to do my honours project on science education and outreach with local schools. I want others to have the guidance that I didn’t have, and see that it’s not all lab coats and calculations like I first thought, that it can actually be crazy fun and a job that you can do if you really want to.

Emily K. Mercer


Ever since I was little, I have loved to write. I was the kid that would sit with a composition book and write down anything and everything while my cousins were playing and drawing pictures. It even went so far as to my cousin would make up science experiments and I would document them in our “Super Top Secret Science Space” journal. I am still in university, studying journalism with a minor concentration in psychology. My ultimate goal is to work for a psychology science publication.

When I am not scrambling to be on deadline and studying, I am cuddling up on my couch with a cup of coffee and my dog Pepper. Or I’m probably asking her to stop barking. She barks a lot at squirrels. My favorite food is mashed potatoes and I am truly obsessed with Harry Styles. While I may not seem like I live and breathe science, I strive to spread understanding about the psychological aspect of science and relay it to the public so that everyone can understand without the crazy jargon!

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