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The Sinister Secret of the Northern Lights

Solar flairs, radiation, inimaginable power, and breathtaking beauty. The Northern Lights have fascinated humanity since the dawn of time, but few of us stop to wonder how and why they occur. We will learn more today about auroras and the amazing forces behind such thing of wonder.

Exploring Science Beyond the Lab

Science isn’t created in isolation, contrary to what some may want to believe. Our world needs more than just STEM majors or discovery-oriented persons to engage in the field of science

9 Totally Normal Things You Can’t Do In Space

It’s not easy being an astronaut. Apart from maintaining a vessel that’s rocketing through relatively uncharted space, which is stressful enough on its own, even everyday tasks, such as washing your hands, need special in-space protocol.

50 Fun animal Facts to Surprise Even the Biggest Animal Lovers

From emus that win wars to tarantulas that adopt pet frogs, the animal kingdom is ever surprising! Check out our 50 fun animal facts and feel free to contribute with your own! Which is the strangest fact you saw on this list? And which is your favorite weird animal fact you’d like to share with us?

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