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Weird science stuff for the casual scientist in you. Discover our suggestions of must-have scientific equipment for aspiring scientists.

Pick the Best Telescope for Kids out of our Top 10 Choices!

Children want to become astronomers, embrace science, and gaze upon the stars. For this reason, they need the best telescopes for kids you can find. We took our sweet time to find a refined selection of ten such instruments that will make your little future astronauts the happiest in the world!

Want the Best Binoculars for Astronomy? Gaze at our Top 10 Picks!

Some consider that the best binoculars for astronomy work even better than some telescopes. Binoculars are also quite the versatile choice if you want to observe nature, sports, concerts, and other events besides your stargazing hobby. Let’s check out today our top ten favorite astronomy binoculars so you can get the best one for your needs!

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