10 Best Microscope for Kids Picks of 2020 | Reviews and Recommendations

June 18th, 2020

by Andreea Sterea

Kids microscopes are the best educational tools to satisfy your little scientist’s curiosity for the micro-world. The best microscope for kids should keep them engaged, entertained, and passionate about science for years!

Back in the day, microscopes sat in school laboratories. Today, we have plenty of kids microscopes available – even toy ones – and it became easier and easier to just pick the best microscope for kids that meets our requirements and keep the little scientist entertained for years. Today, we will see a list containing the best microscope for kids choices of this year. We will also present you with a buying guide and a best microscope for kids review for each product on this list.

Some kids have a natural inclination for science, others just want to explore different interests until they learn what they love most. Not long ago, we presented you with some of the best science kits for kids. While a microscope is not a science kit per se, many of the products we reviewed below come with enough instruction manuals and experiment suggestions to consider them educational tools. 

A microscope can open an entire world of knowledge and discovery, from chemistry to biology, to physics, and beyond. If you took a look at our best science gifts for kids choices, you saw one microscope there.

However, we want you to have a broader are of choices, so we carefully picked 10 kids microscopes that make exceptional educational, teaching, and entertainment tools. When it comes to kids microscope choices, here are some ideas and buying guides to help you make the best choice!

Product Name Age Magnification Educational Value Price
Solomark Microscope For Kids 5-15 years Up to 1200X Very High Check Price
Dicfeos Microscope for Kids 5+ Up to 1000X Very High Check Price
Moutec Microscope for Kids 6+ Up to 1200X Very High Check Price
IQCrew Microscope for Kids 6+ 9Up to 500X Very High Check Price
CrazyFire Microscope for Kids 8+ Up to 1000X Very High Check Price

1 Solomark Microscope for Kids

Built for durability and endless discovery, learning, and fun, our first entry on the best kids microscopes list is the Solomark. The best microscope for kids regarding durability, built, and a decade’s worth of use, this microscope also comes with great features very much worth the price. Take a look below to check out the microscope’s tech specs and features!

BEST FOR Durability
Age 5-15 years old
Item Weight 4.2 pounds
Item Size 14 x 13.8 x 4.7 inches
Type Optical
Lenses 3
Magnification 300x,600x and 1200x
Educational Value Very High
Special Features Built-in rotating color filter wheel, reflecting mirror for natural illumination, built-in LED light for direct illumination, smartphone adapter, 72pcs accessory set, durable metal construction frame with stage and clips, carry case, included batteries.
Warranty Upon manufacturer request

Why choose the Solomark Microscope for Kids?

Parents are in love with this kids microscope, especially because the children are. An excellent educational tool to open up the unseen world, the Solomark comes with everything a young scientist needs to unravel big mysteries. If you have a young promising scientist at home that is interested more in the micro-cosmos hidden from the naked eye than the cosmos above our heads, you should look into the details of this product.

Here are some more details you need to know about this microscope for kids:

  • Inside the case, besides the microscope, the child will find more than 70 accessories to use and enjoy.
  • The metal arm and base come with a microscope smartphone mount.
  • Easy to set up and keep young scientists engaged for days studying specimens.
Sturdy and well built
Great educational tool for young children to teens
Exceptional selection of accessories
Great price for its quality
The warranty policy could be more upfront


The first installment on our best microscope for kids list is a great tool to introduce the little ones in the world of biology, chemistry, and physics. The Solomark microscope does justice to the brand and offers a sturdy, durable, and valuable educational and entertaining tool to kids, teachers, and parent. Above all, the price is excellent!

2 Dicfeos Microscope for Kids

With multiple magnification settings, a wide array of accessories, 5 various magnification levels, and the dual-light design allowing kids to see not only slides, but 3D solid objects as well, you should know that the Dicfeos kids microscope is a real bargain for its specs! If you want to explain your child how optical devices work, check out our guide here, as we explain optics so anybody can understand them, whether you fancy microscopes or telescopes!

BEST FOR 3D Objects Magnification
Age 5+
Item Weight 3.15 pounds
Item Size 13.5 x 8.9 x 6.6 inches
Type Optical
Lenses 5
Magnification 40X, 100X, 250X, 400X, 1000X
Educational Value Very High
Special Features 5 blank slides, 5 prepared slides, forceps, test tube, petri dish, 1 replacement bulb and 2 bottles of stain. You also get dual-light sources, and charger.
Warranty Upon manufacturer request

Why choose the Dicfeos Microscope for Kids?

Made of metal and featuring a sturdy case, the Dicfeos microscope for kids is definitely not a toy. It features a wide range of accessories, excellent optics, and the dual-illumination design allowing the little scientists to see solid 3D objects as well.

Here are some more things you need to know about the Dicfeos microscope:

  • You can adjust the LED light too with the help of a dial.
  • Changing the magnification is very simple.
  • It features a double fine-focus knob.
Sturdy and well built
Allows to see solid objects as well
Great price for the specs
Excellent teaching value for kids or an entire classroom
We would have liked more straightforward information about the warranty


The Dicfeos microscope for kids can keep the little science buffs busy for days in a row. Some parents say that the microscope itself and its accessories mesmerized the kids. It has excellent specs, especially for a product that can unravel solid objects as well, not to mention the price is unbeatable for such magnification power. It makes one of the best science gifts for kids this year. You can rely on it for helping your upcoming scientist to engage in numerous science projects for many school years.

3 Moutec Microscope for Kids

When you look for the best microscope for kids, you need to consider not only the price and the boredom factor but the educational value and technical specifications as well. The Mouteck kids’ microscope is not a toy either, but an exceptional educational instrument. If your child wants to become a doctor when she grows up and save the world from superbugs or other unseen threats, this is how you spark her curiosity for the microcosm and set her on the right path. Let’s see why this is a product to consider!

BEST FOR Accessories
Age 6+
Item Weight 4.65 pounds
Item Size 14 x 13.9 x 4.8 inches
Type Optical
Lenses 3
Magnification 300X,600X, and 1200X
Educational Value Very High
Special features 70+ accessories, including sample slides, cover slips, tweezers, scalpel, specimen vials(including 9 empty vials), adjustable lenses, collecting lamps, etc. It also comes with smartphone adapter, sturdy hard case, and bonus items (hair strand, skin, onion slice, garden seeds, beans, flowers, corn, etc.)
Warranty Upon request from the manufacturer.

Why choose the Moutec Microscope for Kids?

Besides its wide range of accessories and extras – which make the Moutec the best telescope for kids regarding added value – this item also features a series of specs that will convince any parent or science teacher to buy it:

  • The forward-facing rotating turret provides up to 1200X magnification.
  • The durable metal construction frame with the rubber base makes it a sturdy and reliable educational tool.
  • It also features a built-in color filter wheel and 2 types of illumination (natural or built-in LED).


Great price for its fun and educational value
Easy installation
Plenty of accessories and extras
We would have liked more upfront info about the warranty


Considering its tech specs, price, and features, the Moutec telescope for kids is the best money can buy if the little one shows an appetite for discovering the micro-world and understanding its secrets. Great starter for young scientists and excellent teaching science kit for parents and educators!

4 IQCrew Science Discovery Microscope for Kids

Designed to inspire kids to engage more in science at home, the IQCrew microscope is our best microscope for kids for analyzing liquid samples. Besides helping young children and teenagers to understand STEM sciences and discover more about the world around them, it also features an inverted design, which allows the use of both solid and liquid slides. No time like the present to make discoveries that can change the world as we know it!

BEST FOR Liquid Slides
Age 6+
Item Weight 3.8 pounds
Item Size No specifications
Type Optical
Lenses 3
Magnification Up to 200X
Educational Value Very High
Special Features Built-in illumination, standard interchangeable eyepieces (for wider range of magnification), safe, long-lasting, and durable low-heat LED light.
Warranty Upon manufacturer request.

Why choose the IQCrew Microscope for Kids?

An inverted microscope with excellent features, the IQCrew has plenty of nice features that will keep your young scientist entertained for years. An excellent educational tool for parents and teachers, the IQCrew provides the children with endless opportunities to become proficient in STEM fields and explore the micro-world.

Let’s learn a few more things about this microscope!

  • The telescope allows the child to analyze standard slides, liquids, crystals, and much more.
  • The package includes 25 professionally-prepared slides with a variety of specimens.
  • World of the Microscope is a beautifully illustrated book that teaches first-time users to learn and to perform some experiments right at home.
Excellent views of liquid slides
Good price
It comes with an additional 25x eyepiece
Teachers and parents appreciate it very much
It does not come with a carry case


The inverted microscope allows little scientists to discover the micro-world from many points of view. Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and many more fields rely on microscopes to understand how things work. Given the price, you should consider purchasing the microscope for your kids or the classroom.

5 CrazyFire Microscope for Kids

The CrazyFire 4.3 inch 1080P Full HD 1000x microscope for kids is an extraordinary tool for STEM learning and connected sciences. Coming with excellent tech specs, this kids’ microscope allows the little scientists to explore the micro-world and nature at the full potential. The world needs more scientists to deal with whatever crisis comes next, and your child can be one of them! She just needs the proper tools to begin…


Age 8+
Item Weight 1.65 pounds
Item Size 9.3 x 7.6 x 5.4 inches
Type Digital
Image 2MP high quality image sensor
Magnification Up to 1000X / 1920*1080, 1280*960, 640*480 resolution
Educational Value Very High
Special Features 8 adjustable led lights, USB, 4.3 inch LCD, Windows XP, Vista, Win7/8/10, Mac 10.5 or above compatibility, 2600mAh rechargeable 18650 Battery+32G TF card, HD digital microscope, and more.
Warranty 12-month warranty and 24 hours customer-service

Why choose the CrazyFire Microscope for Kids?

The best digital microscope for kids is an excellent tool for learning/teaching STEM sciences and other interconnected fields. Fortunately, this is the best microscope for kids that comes with HD tech and other amazing optical features. The tech specs are great and for the price, and given the quality of the product, it is a real bargain. But let’s see some of its features so you can make an educated choice:

  • This HD digital microscope allows kids to engage in a wide range of micro-world explorations, such as jewelry identification, insect observation, circuit board maintenance, printing inspection,  true and false money identification, and more.
  • The built-in 2600mAh rechargeable 18650 battery allows nature explorations outdoors without the need for electricity for up to 5 hours.
  • The product comes with a USB cable, cleaning fabric, and operational guide.


Excellent tool for teaching and learning STEM sciences
Great price for the tech specs
32G TF card for the microscope camera coming with the package
Good warranty
None we can think of


Imagine a kid’s joy getting to observe the micro-world and apply those observations and teachings to a wide range of scientific fields! Now, imagine you can purchase such a microscope for kids at an affordable price, with a good warranty, and even take it outside on trips! What could you ask for more?

6 LittleWorld Microscope for Kids

When you look for the best telescope for kids, you should take into account some toy microscopes as well, especially if the scientist in the house is very young. Nevertheless, by toy microscopes for kids we do not discuss decorative plastic pieces, but actual microscopes that ease the children’s path into the micro-world. It is the same with science kits for kids: consider buying them educational and functional items, even if they are toys. Some more professional microscopes are best for teens (as we will see next), but this one is an educational aid for the little ones that will rock their world! Let’s see what the LittleWorld microscope can do!

BEST FOR Toy Science Kits for Kids
Age 6+
Item Weight 12.3 ounces
Item Size 8.8 x 4.7 x 2.9 inches
Type Optical
Lenses 3
Magnification 100X, 400x, and 1200x
Educational Value Very High
Special Features Monocular viewing head with LED, multi-piece accessory kit, and more
Warranty Upon manufacturer request

Why choose the LittleWorld Microscope for Kids?

Consider this kids microscope as a serious toy or the best microscope for kids in the science kits for kids department. While it is made of plastic and is a toy, it also offers impressive magnification and an added accessories kit to impress the little ones and spark their curiosity towards lab research, biology, engineering, chemistry, manufacturing, forensic science, human & veterinary medicine. But let’s see the other features you might enjoy!

  • 12 kids microscope slides of entomology, botany and macrology specimens included.
  • It also comes with a plastic container, blank labels, slides, collecting bottles, tweezers, and more.
  • The tech specs are incredible for the low price.
Excellent teaching/learning value for young kids
Sturdy and easy to use
Super price for the tech specs
One of the best science kits for kids
Good customer service
It still needs more customers' reviews


For the price, this is the best microscope for kids (in the toys department) that looks like a toy but acts like a real microscope. While there are not enough customers’ reviews for the product, discussing matters with the manufacturer and looking closer into the brand makes us believe you will not regret this purchase at all! If you have a child showing signs that she wants to make a better world by studying animals, the delicate intricacies of plants, or the staggering complexity of bacteria and viruses, then this kids microscope is your best bet!

7 FUNRUI Microscope for Kids

Our next entry on the list of best microscope for kids reviews is indeed a toy, but also the best microscope for kids of very young ages from a value/price ratio point of view. The FUNRUI telescope for kids is, nevertheless, a great learning & teaching device able to open up the micro-world for the little explorers and scientists in the house or in the classroom.

BEST FOR Toy Price/Value Ratio
Age 5+
Item Weight 10.4 ounces
Item Size 9.6 x 7.5 x 3.4 inches
Type Optic
Lenses 3
Magnification 100x, 200x, 450x
Educational Value High
Special Features The package contains also 4 x blank labels, 1 x tweezer, 1 x plastic ware, 2 x collection bottle, 1 x color box. Made of good quality ABS acrylic, durable and safe. LED power switch.
Warranty Upon manufacturer request

Why choose the FUNRUI Microscope for Kids?

This microscope is a great starter for any kid interested in the micro-world. A toy, yes, but with great specs, an unbeatable price, and enough accessories to compel children to want more. Here are some other things you should know about this product:

  • Allows the exploration of plant leaves, flowers, cells, insects and microorganisms. Now, this is an amazing start for kids who want to participate to science fairs at school or become science trivia masters sooner rather than later.
  • Features an adjustable angles design of the LED light and lens to allow kids to see things from different perspectives.
  • Suitable for kids 5 to 12, although, if interested, the little one will ask for another (more advanced) item on the best telescope for kids list we have here.
Great first microscope for exploring the micro-world
Unbeatable price
Kids, parents, and teachers love it
Sturdy and resilient to wear and tear
Works best for preschoolers, as older kids will want more magnification and tech specs


For a toy, this item is a great first microscope if your little scientist is at the beginning of the exploration path. The price is more than perfect and the building, design, and tech specs of the toy make it a great addition to any home or classroom. Users are enthusiastic about it, so you have all the reasons to make the purchase!

8 TSAAGAN Microscope for Kids

The second digital microscope on our list, the TSAAGAN 4.3 inch full-color LCD digital USB microscope is a small technological wonder, perfect to introduce the tech-savvy scientists in the house to the micro-world. Is this the best digital microscope for kids? It very well may be. Keep in mind that it also features a magnification endoscope with 8 LED adjustable light for kids and many other specs we will discuss right now!

BEST FOR Multifunctionality
Age 8+
Item Weight 1.6 pounds
Item Size 9 x 7.7 x 5.2 inches
Type Digital
Image 2MP Camera, adjustable magnification ratio
Magnification 50X to 1000X
Educational Value Very High
Special Features Wireless microscope, built-in rechargeable lithium battery 2600 mAh (up tp 4 hours), 4.3inch large TFT panel, captures image and video, support MicroTF card (not included), 1920*1080, 1280*960, 640*480 resolution, 30 fps.
Warranty Upon manufacturer request

Why choose the TSAAGAN Microscope for Kids?

A useful, funny, and portable wireless digital microscope, the TSAAGAN is great for children and students who want to see the micro-world, explore, test, or collect things. Let’s see some of its features, shall we?

  • It allows the child to examine fine jewelry, coins, stamps, electronics, insect dissections, plant dissections, skin/scalp cells examination, textile & printing inspections. While some of the best magnifying glasses out there can help children discover their passion for investigation, discovery, analysis, and collecting of items, few things beat a microscope, and fewer a digital microscope!
  • Makes an excellent teaching aid in a wide variety of scientific fields.
  • It allows the child to save the captured high-resolution image (JPG) and video (AVI) to the TF card. No computer or phone software/apps needed.
Excellent multifunctional tool for broad range of science applications
Great price for the specs
The wireless feature is a plus
Easy to install, use, and carry around for explorations
None that we can think of


There you have it: the best microscope for kids in the multifunctional digital compartment! With great features, great price, and an off-the-charts educational and entertainment value, the TSAAGAN kids microscope is a dream came true for everybody!

9 AmScope Microscope for Kids

The AmScope brand has a solid reputation and this particular item already won the Best Student Microscope Award. A very smart and easy-to-use tool for kids, older students, parents, and teachers. Packed with plenty of accessories, guides, and tools, this microscope is one of the best money can buy!

BEST FOR Science Education
Age 7+
Item Weight 5.8 pounds
Item Size 13.9 x 8.8 x 6.8 inches
Type Optical
Lenses 5
Magnification 40X – 1000X
Educational Value Very High
Special Features Optical glass monocular microscope with top & bottom LED light, sturdy metal frame with coaxial coarse & fine focusing, single lens condenser with 6-hole disc diaphragm, comprehensive bundle of introductory materials and slide-preparation tools, and more.
Warranty Upon manufacturer request

Why choose the AmScope Microscope for Kids?

This is an extraordinary tool for teaching kids and helping them see the micro-world from a whole new perspective. An awarded item with compelling tech specs, the AmScope is probably the best microscope for kids in the educational department. Let’s see other features as well!

  • It is a great prime-powered and low-powered microscope for viewing leaves and bugs and incredibly prime-detail viewing of ultra-small, translucent specimens (cells or the vascular systems of skinny leaves). For more-opaque objects, like stamps, sand, or insects, the higher gentle supplies mirrored illumination.
  • It comes with two 10-piece slide kits, each with five biological specimens and five blank slides.
  • It also features a pack of 50 blank slides with 100 cover slips, red and blue specimen stains, and many other tools, on top of the book “The World of the Microscope” as an introduction to microscopy.
Incredible price for the value
Excellent educational tool for home and classroom
Easy and fun to use
Kids, parents, and teachers love it
You may not find compatible accessories easily


The micro-world is an ever-fascinating place for children to discover and explore, and the AmScope telescope for kids offers them all the tools and guidelines they need to satisfy their curiosity and quench their scientific thirst. Is your child going to be the one to revolutionize nanotechnology or invent micro-robots? A microscope is the building block of all such inventions! This product delivers way more than other items in the same price range, so you have a really great deal on your hands!

10 Levenhuk Rainbow Microscope for Kids

The last item we consider to be the best microscope for kids (also in the science education department) is a name you heard before when we presented you with our best science gifts for kids – Levenhuk Rainbow, a microscope dedicated to school, high school, and even college-level aspiring scientists. Offer this microscope as a science kit for any science buff and you will offer a child, a teenager, or a young adult the opportunity of a lifetime!

BEST FOR Aspiring Medical Scientists
Age 14+
Item Weight 7.05 pounds
Item Size 7.1 x 10.6 x 15.9 inches
Type Optical
Lenses 3 objectives, one WF16x eyepiece, 2X Barlow lens
Magnification 4x, 10x and 40x
Educational Value Very High
Special Features The package includes stage with clips, diaphragm disk; condenser; built-in upper and lower LED illumination, AC adapter, 2 AA batteries, plastic case, the Levenhuk K50 Experiment Kit, and user manual.
Warranty Lifetime


As you could see and figure out, the Levenhuk Rainbow microscope for kids addresses more teens with a passion for science and medicine. A sturdy and reliable item, it comes with an impressive price/tech specs ratio, lifetime warranty, and excellent features. If you have an aspiring doctor (biologist, chemist, etc.) in the house, make sure you consider this product as well! Remember that Levenhuk also makes some of the best telescopes for beginners, so you can trust us when we say this company knows what it is doing when it comes to optical instruments.

Buying the Best Microscope for Kids: A Few More Things to Know

Before you buy any microscope for kids, there are a few things to consider and know, especially when it comes to optical concepts, building of the item, purpose, and more. Let’s discuss them!

The First Microscope for Children: Tech Specs and Features

  • Microscope type. Usually, you will find kids microscopes coming in two main ways: traditional and digital. The difference between them is that digital microscopes use the computer, software, pixel resolutions, and other physical elements to magnify the specimen. Before you buy the best digital microscope for kids, check out its tech specs thoroughly. If something says it is “digital,” it does not mean it works best than traditional models.
  • Magnification. Probably the most important feature – just as the aperture is for kids telescopes’ purchasing – magnification is what makes a microscope an efficient tool for discovery and learning. For kids telescopes, a magnification of 400X – 500X is enough. The higher the magnification, the better, of course. The best microscope for kids on this list magnification-wise offers 1280X, meaning the child can also see germs on the slide.
  • Build. Since we are talking about kids microscopes, the items you consider should be sturdy and feature durable materials. Resilience to wear, tear, and accidents are crucial when you want to buy a microscope for kids.
  • Accessories and other features. Most microscopes for kids on this list come with a handful of accessories, learning materials, samples, and extras. The more, the merrier. Keep in mind you will find some of the best microscope kits for kids sold separately, so your little scientist will not run out of supplies.
  • Warranty. The best microscope for kids should be able to take a beating, travel outside the house, and resist months or years of use without significant damages. For this reason, warranty and good customer support are crucial factors in your purchase decision.

What is the Best Microscope for Beginners?

If you have an older child who has some background in microscopy and you want to upgrade, a beginner microscope is a good start. It helps the interested young scientist to level up and reach an intermediate to advanced level. Here are some suggestions you can consider:

  • The IQCrew Science Discovery Microscope;
  • The Celestron 5 MP Digital Microscope or the Celestron 44341 LCD Digital Microscope. Since some of the best telescopes on the market come from Celestron, you should trust that this legendary company makes also some of the best microscopes for beginners.
  • The Thames & Kosmos TK2 Microscope. While we haven’t reviewed it yet, Thames and Kosmos makes some of the best science kits for kids, so we trust the microscope does not fall far from the family tree when it comes to beginner scientists.
  • The AmScope 40X-1000X Microscope.


We hope you enjoyed each best microscope for kids on this list. Now it’s time for you to tell us a few things: is your child interested in the micro-world? Did you already buy a microscope and consider an upgrade, or are you still pondering things and checking out kids microscopes reviews? Share your experiences as parents and teachers with us!

Moreover, if you want us to put our hands on other microscopes (for kids or beginners) and review them, let us know below in the dedicated comments section!

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