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50 Fun animal Facts to Surprise Even the Biggest Animal Lovers

From emus that win wars to tarantulas that adopt pet frogs, the animal kingdom is ever surprising! Check out our 50 fun animal facts and feel free to contribute with your own! Which is the strangest fact you saw on this list? And which is your favorite weird animal fact you’d like to share with us?

Optical Concepts Explained: How do Telescopes Work?

Have you ever wondered how do telescopes work? Today, we discuss optical concepts, magnification, optical instruments’ tech specs, and other things that might interest you whenever you search for a hobbyist’s or an educational telescope, binoculars, microscopes, and even magnifying glasses!

We Created an Illustrated Guide to Explain How Vaccines Work

After consulting with medical specialists and researching a multitude of studies, we compiled a simple, yet comprehensive, illustrated guide on how vaccines work. We hope it answers all your questions and provides you with enough information to help others get better insights on vaccines.

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