20+ GIFs Showing What Can happen if We Actually Get Them Area 51 Aliens

July 17th, 2019

by Andreea Sterea

In the highlight of people wanting to storm one of the most famous U.S. military bases, let’s see together the story of people actually getting to see them area 51 aliens!

Every story has some heroes, some villains, a plot, a bit of a conflict, some suspense and, of course, an ending.

People joining forces to storm Area 51 in the search for spaceships and extraterrestrial technology is clearly something to think about – but how about imagining for a second that those people actually find Area 51 aliens?

We decided to tell that story today. In GIFs, ’cause “storming Area 51” memes are already so yesterday!

It all started as a joke…

Or so they say now, although a Naruto-run isn’t something to kid about.

The U.S. Air Force did not laugh, though

“The U.S. Air Force always stands ready to protect America and its assets.”

Now the plot thickens…

Because while our raid party knows what is Area 51 and where is Area 51, nobody knows where the Area 51 aliens are held. It’s a big desert after all…

Storming Area 51 should be easy

Because our heroes have a plan B, which is not the same with plan A. In fact, the Naruto run was just a distraction from the real strategy…


The villain is resilient

The U.S. Air Force be like…

But they made a promise. On Facebook

Real heroes don’t falter. And they always keep their oath.

The force is strong with these ones

So they sneak in, faster than bullets, to see them Area 51 aliens.

Suddenly, in an unforeseen plot twist…

The U.S. Air Force says “You wanna see the Area 51 aliens? There, by all means, go meet them! We’re outta here!”

Now the real story begins…

Because the Area 51 aliens are many. Because they are here since the 50s. And more came. And now, our heroes have to find them. So they split up in… let’s say five main groups.

The first group of heroes

Travel far and wide inside an underground bunker, a maze looking suspiciously familiar with the one from the X Files, but hey, we always knew there was some truth in that…

What would be raiders without a dungeon? This group reaches an isolated brig where they sneak into, only to find..

They will be missed…


The second group

Lurks even deeper into the secret military base…


Only to find, to their horror

That it was not the aliens abducting and probing us, it was us experimenting on them all along. Just like Mulder always said and just like we always believed.

Therefore, a rescue mission was devised

On the spot. Consider the bicycle in this story a Deus Ex Machina device, because we are benevolent narrators.

Let’s hope they lived happily ever after, although they brought a live alien into the world, so we’re not so sure…

The third group had the most fun

As they ran into a nice laidback group of aliens residing in their own private apartments somewhere under Nevada and decided to stay for a while and enjoy the show.



The fourth group was the least fortunate

As their meddling and sneaking around in a secret Area 51 aliens farm is a clear foreshadowing of what was expecting them at the end of this unnervingly well-lit corridor…

Our thoughts and prayers go out to them…


In the meanwhile,

The government sent some experts to deal with the Area 51 situation in a less… drastic measure.

But the fifth group finally made it!

They really, actually, definitely got to talk to an extraterrestrial life form they found contained here, on Earth, in Nevada, under what laymen call Area 51. Now they got proof! Now their voices will be heard! From now on, nobody will deny or hide the truth! 

As for what the alien said…

Problem is…

The U.S. Air Force got a bit annoyed with so many people running havoc and trying to take pictures, talk to the aliens, stuff the smaller aliens into their pockets to bring outside as proof, get eaten by aliens or, worse, trying to marry some of the aliens, and decided the fun was over. 

Of course, our heroes opposed…

But let’s face it, when you look for the Area 51 aliens and storm one of the most secret military bases in the world, you can expect some consequences.

The experts arrived at the scene and concluded it was time for the raiders to go.

So the ones still… functional

Managed to leave in one piece and walk towards their homes to tell the story…

And the organizer of the whole shebang

Could finally ponder upon the meaning of life, as the whole prank proved to be an enjoyable experience and a step forward for humankind. At the end of the day, they did prove Area 51 aliens existed and the government covered things up, just like all those good old conspiracy theories said.

Little did the Area 51 raiders know

That this was not an open-ending story and they still had a few things to learn. One of them is that all stories should have all their narrative threads tied in a clean, nice knot. We left a loose one a few chapters back.

Remember when we said some experts came to solve the problem?

They did. No casualties. All the raiders and all their families, friends, acquaintances, and so on and so forth received a gentle visit and a one-way ticket to Destination Oblivion.

The End

That’s all, folks! The Area 51 aliens chasing story goes quietly into the night. At least this is how we imagined it. How about you? Do you have your own scenarios?

Did You Enjoy our GIF Story about Finding the Area 51 Aliens?

Comment below with your own ideas! How would things unfold if the Area 51 raiders would really manage to enter the base and would really get to see aliens? 


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