10 Best Slime Kits to Get for Kids (and Maybe Yourself)

April 17, 2018

by Andreea Sterea

A slime making kit is always a welcomed presence in any family and at any kids’ party. 

The gooey slime – an internet sensation as of late – brings tons of joy to kids and adults alike. While you can do it yourself with a few household products, the best way to achieve spectacular results is to get the best slime kit and encourage kids’ creativity.

Don’t consider slime to be a mere toy, however. Besides sparking any child’s curiosity towards science, the outcome has squishy anti-stress features to it that adults appreciate very much. So, let’s see the best slime kits to get this year for the little ones (and maybe for yourself)!

Product Name Recommended Age Fun Factor Educational Factor Price

Dab and Dot Markers Incredible Slime Party Supplies
12+ Very High High Check Price

Baby Mushroom Wheel of Slime Challenge Kit
7+ Very High High Check Price

CANAL TOYS - So Slime DIY - Slime Factory
3+ High High Check Price

Funtopoly Slime Kit for Girls and Boys
6 months+ High High Check Price

Mr. E=mc2 Homemade Slime Kit
4+ High Very High Check Price

I Best Slime Kit for Very Young Children

By small children, we mean kids in between 6 months and 3 years of age. For them to truly enjoy the experience of slime making, you should roll up your sleeves as well and start mixing! The first best slime making kit stirred not shaken, coming right up!

1 Funtopoly for Girls and Boys Slime Making Kit

An excellent starter kit for beginners and even seasoned slime making children and adults, the Funtopoly Slime Making Kit boasts a very rich content, a video tutorial, and detailed instructions on how kids can make slime and have fun for hours a day!

BEST FOR: Price / Value Ratio
Kids Age 6 months+
Item Weight 2.8 pounds
Item Size 8 x 5.5 x 3.4 inches
Safety Precautions The package includes safe & non-toxic borax water, pigment, foam beads, glue, and glitter. Parents should supervise the child not to swallow beads or eat the slime. The manufacturer includes in the package a booklet for safety tips and warning guidelines.
Fun Factor High
Educational Factor


The slime making kit opens the door for color learning, tactile and visual skills development, sensory play, eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills practice, creativity, coordination, shape recognition, etc.

Applications Rainy days at home, family fun, birthdays, play dates, and more.
Package Content The list is long and equally impressive considering the price.
Warranty Upon request from the manufacturer.

Why choose the Funtopoly for Girls and Boys Slime Making Kit?

This Funtopoly Slime Making Kit is the natural and comfortable way to introduce the child into the arts and science of making slime and having fun alone or together with others for days in a row. It works as a toy when you make the slime as a family activity, and it can make an excellent educational and learning tool that boosts children’s creativity and cognitive skills.

Here are some more things you need to know about this slime making kit:

  • Parents and teachers are thrilled with this product, many saying that the slime making kit brought together children of 4, 8, and 14 years, strengthening the siblings’ ties and allowing them to cross the age barrier and have fun together.
  • You will find a video guide and a “how to make slime” booklet in the package because slime making is a serious endeavor and you do not want to make mistakes.
Contains everything you need to make plenty of different slimes
Excellent price for its content
Builds creativity and sensory skills in small children
Easy-to-find supplies if you run out
Some encountered delivery damages to the package


The first installment on our best slime kit list is an excellent starter pack for young children but also their siblings. The money/value ratio is spectacular. As a parent, you will have a ton of fun with aiding the little ones with their exciting slime projects. A nice addition is the video tutorial, the safety booklet, and the “how to” guidelines you receive.

2 CANAL TOYS Factory Slime Making Kit

The Slime Factory here is an astonishing gift and educational toy for small children. It glitters and glows, and you should participate in the experiments at all times, but all in all, it is a less messy slime kit that has the unique power to entertain children for days while teaching them a few scientific principles. The package is also very good looking with its shaker and colorful workstation.

BEST FOR: Less Mess Slime
Kids Age children aged 3 and more
Item Weight 1.32 pounds
Item Size 13.5 x 3.2 x 12.2 inches
Safety Precautions Safe for kids under parental supervision.
The slime-making process does not require glue, but water, so it is less messy and safer. However, mind the glitter, slime color powders, confetti, and figurines. Make sure the ingredients and add-ins do not reach the child’s eyes or mouth. Wash hands after playing.
Fun Factor High
Educational Factor


Take advantage of the workstation to spark the child’s curiosity on how things work.

Applications Individual play, siblings’ play, home family fun;
Package Content 1 Mixer, 1 Workstation, 10 Slime Powder Packs, 3 Colors of Glitter, 4 Styles of Confetti, 3 Shaker Containers, 1 sticker sheet, 4 surprise figures, 1 stir stick, 1 mini funnel, and instructions..
Warranty No warranty.

Why choose the CANAL TOYS Factory Slime Making Kit?

You can consider this kit as an introductory phase in the slime craze that will follow. The workstation, shaker, and ingredients to make the slime are colorful and fun for children. The CANAL TOYS Factory Slime Making Kit comes with a novelty aura. It will please children who love to engage fully with their toys.

Here are some more things you need to know about this slime making kit

  • The package contains instructions on how to use the workstation, accessories, and slime-making ingredients.
  • Children will make a mess out of the confetti and glitter, but that is the best part.
  • Seriously, now, the slime is durable, feels great to the touch, stretches well, and is less messy than other similar products.
Affordable slime making starter kit
Boost in curiosity on how things work
Encourages creativity and motor skills
Great surprise factor
Some parents complained about not getting all items included in the package
No warranty


If you do not want to use a lot of money on a slime-making kit you are not sure will please your child, this product is a great beginning. Besides the low price you pay for an otherwise great toy, you also get a no-glue, less-mess slime making kit. If the child enjoys it, you will probably have to upgrade to more complex slime making sets.

II Best Slime Kit for Kids Aged 4 to 6+ Years Old

Even if kids aged 5 or 6 do not put everything they see in their mouths, you should still be around for their slime projects. The use of the products in this category requires some parental/teacher supervision even if they are safe. Now, let’s make things interesting!

3 Mr. E=mc2 Homemade Slime Making Kit

Children of all ages will enjoy this full slime making kit with a small but strong scientific component to it. Teachers recommend this kit, as it can keep kids curious and eager to experiment for hours. The STEM value is undeniable, mainly because the package introduces the children in the science of chemistry in an enjoyable way.

BEST FOR: early STEM concepts teaching
Kids Age children aged 4 and more
Item Weight 1.6 pounds
Item Size 8 x 4 x 6 inches
Safety Precautions Safe for kids under parental supervision.
The kit does not contain borax or liquid starch, so making the slime will also be gentle for the kids’ hands.
Fun Factor High
Educational Factor


Besides offering parents and teachers the opportunity to teach children why and how some things glow in the dark, the kit opens a world of possibilities regarding sensory play, cognitive skills development, instruction following, and more.

Applications Home fun, birthdays and celebrations, kids’ parties, and more;
Package Content Elmer’s School Glue, Neon Paint, Foam Beads, Glow Pigment, Glitter, Stir Sticks, 4 Containers, and more.
Warranty Upon request from the manufacturer.

Why choose the Mr. E=mc2 Homemade Slime Making Kit?

If you do not want to visit multiple convenience stores and other specialized ones to gather all the ingredients and decorations necessary for the best slime kit, you are in luck. The Mr. E=mc2 Homemade Slime Making Kit is a one-stop-shop, containing everything you need to make slime and entertain a bunch of children for days.

Here are some more things you need to know about this slime making kit:

  • The package contains instructions and tips to make Crunchy Slime, Fluffy Slime, GAK, Oobleck, Liquid Glass Slime, and more.
  • We have a soft spot for the glow in the dark slime you can make using this kit.
  • Elmer’s slime glue and add-ins are easy to find, so you can step up the game and build on the existing slime making kit to allow the fun to continue.
Contains everything necessary to make colorful and different slimes
Fun, educational tools presenting kids with STEM concepts
Builds creativity, sensory skills, and superior cognitive skills
Pricier than other entries


The impressive part is that you can buy this best slime kit for young kids and enjoy both its educational and entertaining component. While it is expensive, it is, however, a full slime shop and factory, so you will not overspend any more money, time, or effort. One of the best science gifts for kids, this one is worth every penny. Keep in mind that slime making is addictive, so you will soon join the party to make some anti-stress devices for yourself.

4 EpiqueOne DIY Fluffy Slime Making Kit

You should learn your slime, and fast. You have basic slime, and then you have fluffy slime! The EpiqueOne DIY Fluffy Slime Kit offers endless hours of pure slime entertainment for a child, a family, and even an entire classroom.

So next, on our slime reviews, we have this 47-pieces kit of color, fun, and education! The manufacturer warns adults that this kit is also great for them as well, so you should give it a try!

BEST FOR: Fluffy slime Kit
Kids Age children aged 5 and more
Item Weight 2.3 pounds
Item Size 9.5 x 7.2 x 5 inches
Safety Precautions Safe for kids under parental supervision.
Non-toxic, kid-friendly, odorless, BPA-free & safe for health. Keep an eye peeled for the add-ins and accessories, as they are so cute; they may become “edible” in your child’s opinion.
Fun Factor Very High
Educational Factor High

Encourages creativity and storytelling, exercises eye-hand coordination, teaches colors and shapes, develops fine motor skills, sensory play, collaboration, etc

Applications Great for kids’ parties and play dates, the classroom for teaching purposes, family fun, play dates, outdoor activities;
Package Content This is a 47-piece homemade slime kit with many ingredients.
Warranty Full Refund Policy from the manufacturer.

Why choose the EpiqueOne DIY Fluffy Slime Making Kit?

Keep in mind that the EpiqueOne DIY Fluffy Slime Kit burns the step of the actual creation of slime. Instead, it offers a handful of pre-made slime your child can play with, decorate, color, combine, and turn into amazing creations. According to some parents, kids decided to use the add-ins for their slime-making home experiments. The supplies are plentiful, and the boredom level is shallow with this one.

Here are some more things you need to know about this slime making kit

  • This slime making kit makes an excellent party supply for slime making and home family activities. The children can decorate and play with the fluffy foam they get, with the crystal slime they get, and especially with the never-ending supply of glitter.
  • Things can get very messy very soon, as you can surely realize, so you may want to use a tablecloth or a sheet of vinyl on the play table or floor area.
Nice price for the amount of joy you get
Best fluffy slime kit in this price range
Encourages creativity, teaching opportunities, etc
Very high entertainment factor.
The pre-made slime may upset some kids who want to mix it themselves


This slime kit addresses those kids who show a high interest in the fun part of playing with fluffy or regular slime instead of making it with their own hands (and suffer the occasional failure frustration). It works fine with older children, teens, or adults who need some stress relief and a creative escape from time to time. Excellent price for a massive package.

5 Laevo Cook 47 Pieces DIY Slime Making Kit

Those of you who are still not maestros in the slime-making art and science may not know that after a while, the slime dries and breaks.

The Laevo Cook slime making kit includes a slime softener among the other 46 ingredients and add-ins in the package, promising your child endless fun and no frustration.

BEST FOR: Non-Dry Slime Kit
Kids Age children aged 5 and more
Item Weight 2.55 pounds
Item Size 9.1 x 6.7 x 5.4 inches
Safety Precautions Non-toxic ingredients, free from harsh chemicals, detergent, and dyes. Just as the manufacturer says, do not let small children “taste” any of the products in the package.

For kids younger than 7 years do a few demonstrations to teach them how to mix and stir ingredients to make the best slime ever.

Fun Factor Very High
Educational Factor High

Encourages the child to keep an open mind towards chemistry, science in general, and experiments in particular. Helps kids practice motor skills, sensory learning, and more.

Applications You get enough supplies to host kids’ parties, consider science fair projects, play at home, or offer as one of the best science gifts for kids.
Package Content Besides ingredients and accessories, the package includes a complete illustrated, colorful slime book with 10 easy-to-make recipes, tips, troubleshooting, and safety info for parents and directions for how to make slime
Warranty Upon manufacturer request

Why choose the Laevo Cook 47 Pieces DIY Slime Making Kit?

Making slime last and last is an excellent idea if kids love to play with it as it is and you find comfort and stress relief when you squish it to make anxiety, depression, or anger give you a break.

The Laevo Cook 47 Pieces DIY Slime Making Kit comes with rich content, all beautifully packed inside the sturdy box for safekeeping or gifting.

Here are some more things you need to know about this slime making kit

  • In the package, you will also find 10 slime containers with lids for mixing, measuring, and storage.
  • The child has the chance to mix ingredients to get primary and foam slime, glitter, galaxy, crunchy, rainbow, and unicorn slime.
  • As per usual, things will get a bit messy, so have a vinyl cover at hand, so slime, glitter, or glue stay away from your furniture or floors.
Rich content package
Comes with slime softener for repetitive use
Encourages creativity and curiosity towards science
Multiple applications at home or school.


When you look for the best slime kit for kids, you cannot ignore this product, as it brings the best of all worlds: numerous slime making opportunities, quality ingredients, slime softener, a sturdy box, and a reasonable price if you consider the entire kit’s viability and versatility. A must-have for all the slime fanatics in the family!

6 MySlimeKit Slime Making Kit

The next best slime kit to get for your child this year comes with an important feature: the MySlimeKit package contains a recipe book that explains the science that makes slime so slimy.

But this is not everything! The children will enjoy the “seemingly endless amount of variations of color and glitter” and the multiple possibilities it offers to make great slime for extended periods.

BEST FOR: Scientific Learning
Kids Age children aged 5 and more
Item Weight 2.55 pounds
Item Size 9.7 x 6.8 x 4.3 inches
Safety Precautions Keep children under supervision.
Fun Factor High
Educational Factor Very High

The package comes with a guidebook containing recipes and explaining the science behind slime.

Applications Home family fun, kids’ parties, school projects, etc.
Package Content 7 varieties of slime color and 12 glitter packs, mixing containers, slime storage containers, and more.
Warranty Upon manufacturer request

Why choose the MySlimeKit Slime Making Kit?

Parents are incredibly happy because their children are ecstatic with the MySlimeKit slime making kit.

The scientific explanations and educational value of the pack make the product a must-have if your child is a science prodigy and shows a keen interest in science. Besides, the package is rich enough in content to keep a child entertained and busy for longer times.

Here are some more things you need to know about this slime making kit

  • The slime kit also comes with an easy to follow video tutorial with every order, together with the “how to make slime” recipes in every box.
  • For parents who want to know more about the kit’s contents, keep in mind that your children can make alien egg slime, sticky slime, glitter, color, and fluffy slime. You will probably have to clean up the mess quite often, but this where the fun is.
Explains the science behind slime
Comes with how to make slime recipes
Very high entertainment and educational value
Great for kids and adults alike
Good price
You may sometimes find hard glue and stuck glitter in the box


The best slime kit should offer tons of fun, learning opportunities, and plenty of applications. The MySlimeKit slime making kit provides families with days of slime making activities and tons of fun. The price is compelling for the content you get, and adults seem to enjoy it as well.

7 ChefSlime Slime Kitchen Slime Making Kit

Some of the best slime kits on the market have a robust educational side to them, as we have seen already. However, the Slime Kitchen Slime Making Kit is ideal if you want to help the child gain and strengthen their cognitive abilities and executive functions.

The “kitchen” for slime will not only engage kids in making the slime, but also teach them a thing or two about using devices, following a set of rules in the right order, understand algorithms, and more.

BEST FOR: Cognitive Skills Development
Kids Age children aged 6 and more
Item Weight 2 pounds
Item Size 17.7 x 11.9 x 3.7 inches
Safety Precautions Non-toxic and 100% safe. The manufacturer uses environmentally friendly materials. The product is ASTM and CPC certified.
Fun Factor Very High
Educational Factor Very High

Besides the slime-making project, the package also appeals to children who show interest in cooking, using kitchen tools and devices and learning about chemistry and the ways things work.

Applications Individual play, teamwork in the family or at school, science projects, arts and crafts projects, and more.
Package Content Oven workstation, pot mixer, 2 shaker containers, 3 glitter shakers, 10 slime powder packs, 4-color glitter packs, 2 confetti packs, sticker sheet, 3 utensils, basin, and funnel.
Warranty Upon manufacturer request

Why choose the ChefSlime Slime Kitchen

The Slime Kitchen Slime Making Kit is incredibly fun and educational. Many school kids love to play kitchen, so why not bring together the best of both worlds of becoming the ultimate slime chef?

Cooking is probably the easiest and most entertaining way to teach children about algorithms and explain math, physics, and chemistry.

Here are some more things you need to know about this slime making kit

  • This particular slime making kit opens the door for the development of creative skills, instruction following, problem-solving, logical thinking, and strengthening notions such as event sequence, chain reactions, cause and effect, and more.
  • Adults love the slime “dishes” concocted in this kitchen as they make great stress and anxiety relievers, also helping them with concentration.
Develops superior cognitive functions in kids
Highly entertaining with the addition of the “cooking” value
Excellent price
Needs little to no supervision from parents
Some parents complained about the kitchen’s malfunctions


Cooking is fun and messy, just like slime making. Turn them both into days of fun and learning opportunities with the Slime Kitchen Slime Making Kit. While it can make a mess, this slime making kit may be precisely what you need to keep your smart and active child busy with learning and entertainment. We bet you will love the slime too!

III Best Slime Kit for Kids Aged 7+ Years Old, Teens, and Adults

Now that we enter the last leg of our quest to offer you our suggestions on the best slime kit to consider this year, we have to say that slime is independent of a person’s age.

Teens and adults alike love stretching, squeezing, and even concocting slime for fun, anxiety relief, or better focus, so let’s get the show on the road!

8 Baby Mushroom Wheel of Slime Challenge Slime Making Kit

Did you know that kids are crazy about a YouTube game called The Mystery Wheel of Slime? You probably do, this is why you are looking for the best slime kit on the market to keep your child away from the screen but deeply engaged with a fun and educational slime making kit.

Well, you hit the jackpot with the Baby Mushroom Wheel of Slime Challenge, as it can keep kids, preteens, teens, and adults hooked for days.

BEST FOR: Gamification of Slime
Kids Age children aged 7 and more
Item Weight 1.68 pounds
Item Size 9.9 x 9.9 x 2.4 inches
Safety Precautions A reasonable amount of adult supervision is necessary.
Fun Factor Very High
Educational Factor High

While learning to make slime and responding to the challenge, kids, teens, and adolescents can learn a handful of essential things such as playing by the rules, gamification, cooperation, winning and losing assertively, competition, etc.

Applications Children’s parties and play dates, classroom competitions, outdoor fun, excellent science gifts for kids with a penchant for slime making and game playing.
Package Content 15” wheel of slime challenge, 40+ pieces in the slime kit (ingredients and add-ins), gameplay instructions and favorite slime recipes, among others.
Warranty Upon manufacturer request

Why choose the Baby Mushroom Wheel of Slime Challenge Slime Making Kit?

Some parents said the Baby Mushroom Wheel of Slime kit was “absolutely an addicting fun game.” We do not know if they referred to the children or themselves as adults, but you get the point. Make slime, play games, learn about fair play in competitions, turn a rainy day into a party, and keep kids entertained for days? Yes, please!

Here are some more things you need to know about this slime making kit

  • This slime making kit has a full, clean, and crisp 5-star ranking on Amazon.
  • The package contains gameplay instructions and famous slime making recipes, along with the lines of fluffy slime, waterbeds slime, crunchy slime, etc.
Encourages competition and teamwork
Blends in slime making with gamification
Incredible low price
Ideal for both kids and adults
We cannot think of any


Instead of watching a screen, your kids can now play with their Wheel of Slime Challenge Slime Making Kit and have the time of their life with it. The wheel and game work very well with your slime-making supplies in case you run out of those in the package, and you don’t have time to restock. The low price and amazing parents’ reviews make this slime making it a dream came true.

9 Lily and Lee’s Craft Accessories Deluxe Slime Making Kit

Older children, teens, and preteens get bored almost as fast as small children do. However, in their case, slime making entertainment comes from the full range of possibilities they have to experiment with different types of slimes.

The Lily and Lee’s Deluxe Slime Making Kit delivers what we consider one of the best slime kits for the entire family. It allows so much creativity and such a broad area of slime creation that you might want to shop for an extra gallon of slime clear glue to use all the add-ins in this package.

BEST FOR: Add-Ins Variety
Kids Age children aged 10 and more;
the manufacturer recommends it for kids 4+, but we would apply a pinch of salt to this info. You have so many beads, glitter, pearls, figurines, and crystals to worry about, that you are safer to start making slime with your children when they understand better that not all that is shiny is also edible
Item Weight 1.56 pounds
Item Size 8.1 x 6.8 x 2.4 inches
Safety Precautions For kids 10+ years you can offer moderate supervision. The little ones need plenty, however.
Fun Factor Very High
Educational Factor Very High

Besides encouraging sensory play, creativity, and slime-making science, the package comes with a free downloadable e-book teaching kids how to make over 15 different types of slime.

Applications Rainy and sick days at home, after-school projects, arts & crafts/science fair projects, play dates, classroom and family activities.
Package Content Too large to list here, but rich enough to keep kids making slime for the ages.
Warranty Upon manufacturer request

Why choose the Lily and Lee’s Craft Accessories Deluxe Slime Making Kit?

The variety of add-ins, together with the easy-to-make slime ingredients, activator, and tools make Lily and Lee’s Deluxe Slime Making Kit a dream came true for the kids and teens already seasoned in the arts of making slime.

It is that “next step upgrade” we were talking about earlier. Fun for the entire family, this slime making kit is one of the best slime making kits overall for preteens, teens, and even adults.

Here are some more things you need to know about this slime making kit

  • This slime making kit comes with the manufacturer’s 100% money back guarantee.
  • You will also enjoy excellent customer service and hassle-free full refund policy.
A staggering variety of add-ins
Great for kids with a vivid imagination
Excellent price/value ratio
Parents love it
You may need to buy extra slime glue


This kit is a perfect addition to your child’s slime making projects due to the large variety of slime add-ins and the different slime recipes she can follow through. An excellent upgrade for the slime aficionados out there, including the parents and probably the entire neighborhood or classroom.

10 Dab and Dot Markers Slime Party Slime Making Kit

This slime making kit from Dab and Dot Markers contains over 100 pieces (slime-making ingredients, tools, and add-ins) for a real and very messy slime party to go down in history.

You have enough elements here to entertain ten kids or preteens at the same time or your only slime-savvy child for days. Works great as a science gift for kids who love first-hand experiments and learn-through-play activities as well.

BEST FOR: Slime Parties
Kids Age children aged 12+ years;
Item Weight 2.41 pounds
Item Size 10 x 5.5 x 7.5 inches
Safety Precautions Low, but do not neglect supervision
Fun Factor Very High
Educational Factor High

A slime party or a family slime-making activity encourage creativity, sensory learning, healthy competition, scientific notions, and more.

Applications Science fairs and arts & crafts projects, after-school activities, celebrations and kids’ parties, and more.
Package Content Too large to list here, but incredibly rich and of high quality.
Warranty Upon manufacturer request

Why choose the Lily and Lee’s Craft Accessories Deluxe Slime Making Kit?

Kids, teens, and parents love this slime making kit, not only because it is a veritable slime factory, but also because the resulting slime is excellent.

Most adults praise the Dab and Dot Markers Slime Making Kit because it can entertain a large party of children or teens with little intervention from parents or teachers. While it is better to supervise the use of the ingredients, the kit is quite safe for older kids.

Here are some more things you need to know about this slime making kit:

  • This particular slime making kit offers numerous possibilities when it comes to the resulting slime due to the large quantities of toppings, add-ins, and recipes kids can follow.
  • Kids can also pick some lovely scents for their slimes.
Massive party entertainer
Unbeatable price for the content’s richness
Enthusiastic parents’ reviews
Adults enjoy the resulting slime as stress relievers
You may need to buy extra slime glue


The Dab and Dot Markers Slime Making Kit are precisely what the doctor ordered for rainy weekends at home, children’s parties, family backyard fun with the neighbors, celebrations, school activities, science and arts/crafts projects, and more. The doctor also agrees that parents enjoy a chunk of slime from time to time to squish and stretch to blow off some anxiety, exhaustion, or everyday stress.

How We Chose the Best Slime Kit for Kids

When we researched the best slime kits to include on this list, we focused on a handful of criteria to help you make the best choice for the little ones. Here they are!

Age-Suitable Slime Kits

Most manufacturers recommend you get one or more of these best slime making kits for children older than three years of age, as the usual choking hazards and “don’t put that in your mouth” warnings apply.

However, we covered as many age frames as we could, considering that some slime kits here are safe for children over six months of age, with parent supervision.

The Fun Factor

Kids get bored extremely fast, so the best slime kit ideas on this list should keep them entertained for days if not months. Many manufacturers pack a big punch when it comes to slime-making add-ins, so you can easily resupply for endless slime making.

In the Fun Factor, we also included the slime kits’ ability to entertain large groups of children.

Safety Precautions

It should go without saying that small children need parental supervision when making slime and then playing with it.

You should not worry too much, though, as we chose safe products that will also lure you in on the fun, so you will enjoy making your slime together with the little one.

The Educational Factor

We should all consider slime more than a toy, as it is an instrument for fun learning and a fantastic tool for education.

We will discuss such matters during the following slime reviews.

Choosing the Best Slime Kit for the Kids: How do you do it?

Now that we discussed the criteria we used in our selection of the best slime kits for kids tell us how you choose the best slime kit for your child. Do you emphasize more the fun factor or the educational one? While it is only reasonable to consider the price when it comes to slime making kits, supplies, toys and science gifts for kids, what other issues do you factor in? We cannot wait for your opinions – and your slime making tips and tricks – in the comment section below!

Want more science now?

Check out our news page where we post interesting studies and discussions (sometimes mocking them mercilessly) for more.

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